PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: Due to the COVID19 Pandemic and pursuant to the open public meetings act of New Jersey c. 231 PL 1975, the Fire Commissioners of Toms River Township, District No. 2 will change their regular meetings of Wednesday, April 1, 2020 and April 15, 2020 to Zoom which will be open to the public to view.  Anyone wishing to view the meeting can log into Zoom on the web and utilize the code Meeting ID 388 479 3037 at 19:30 hours.  The agenda is as follows:


  1. Call to order
  2. President’s statement
  3. Roll call
  4. Application for membership
  5. Receipt of bids (when applicable)
  6. Minutes of the previous meeting
  7. Review and payment of bills
  8. Correspondence
  9. Reports of committees (commissioners)
  10. Reports of Chiefs
  11. Report of Administrator
  12. Unfinished business
  13. New business
  14. Adopt resolution to hold closed session (when required)
  15. Address to Board by members of the public
  16. Adjournment


Formal action may be taken on any and all issues brought up as with any other regular meeting of the Toms River Fire Commissioners, District No. 2.


Craig Bierbaum